This Walking Stick Can Balance Itself


Walking sticks can be annoying especially they keep falling down or when they refuse to stand upright.

Keeping this in mind, the Greek Industrial designer Michael Dimou has designed Kevdia, a light but durable walking stick that will not let you down by standing upright. Dimou designed the stick keeping his mother in mind who suffered from arthritis and weak knees.

Credits: Michael Dimou

The stick has a cleverly designed self-balancing base that makes the stick go back into upright position when its dropped. This invention will help elderly people or people with disabilities become independent of external help. They may drop the stick when they need to without worrying of bending over to pick it up.

Credits: Michel Dimou

The weighted base, made of lead, helps anchor the tip more solidly which enhances the stability of the stick. Made of lightweight Kevlar-49, the stick has been designed so as to ensure it’s centre of gravity is at the lowest point of the stick to keep it stable and prevent it from falling the first place.



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