This Video Zooms All The Way From The Earth To The Heart Of A Black Hole


The recent video by European Southern Observatory takes viewers on a quick journey to space, all the way from our planet to the closest supermassive black hole.

Technology has taken folds in advancement; the same goes for cameras. The ESO recorded video zooms in a speed more than the speed of light. For you to grasp a better idea, none of the human-technology has ever traveled at more speeds than the speed of light; alongside, the video’s quality doesn’t get compromised even when it reaches the core of the black hole.

As per a scientist’s statement, reaching there in-person on the fastest human-made aerial vehicle would take about 55 million years. Keeping that in mind, this video is a far more convenient way to reach your space destination, M87. The video proves itself on the advancement in technology, making it possible to travel space at impossible speeds. It also shows how good astronomers have gotten in studying space.

The video starts at the ALMA observatory in Chile, recording the night sky and progresses to show the constellations that the viewer goes through during their trip to the outer world. The zooming-in is straight in the direction of the galaxy M87, where it reaches in under one minute.

M87 was pictured for the first time back in 2019, where the new video takes us at the very end of it. We all would agree that it’s quite a view and gives us the sense of the universe’s might. If imaging technology keeps growing at this rate, we soon would be able to see objects and places in the universe that we’d find even more and astonishing than what we have seen so far.


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