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This Video Shows Why Weight Distribution Is So Important

weight distribution

We were taught about the importance of weight distribution in our high school classrooms, but if this small experiment were used, we would have learned it much better.

Anyone who has driven a trailer has experienced those few heart-pounding moments when the towed trailers start to sway uncontrollably, and with it, shakes up the vehicle itself. This is where your weight distribution system kicks in, which helps in retaining control over the vehicle, especially if you are pulling very heavy loads.

The gross trailer weight (or GTW), is the total weight of the trailer, which includes cargo, fuel, etc. Against it is tongue weight, which is a portion of the load far enough forward in the trailer to press down on the connection or the hitch. It is generally between about 10 and 15 percent of the gross trailer weight, and also includes the weight located behind the rear axle of the towing vehicle.

This is what happens when we mess with the ratio between GTW and tongue weight.

What did I learn? Don’t use a Mustang to tow a trailer.