7 Common Types Of Auto Accidents And How They Happen

Vehicular accidents can occur when you least expect them, even if you strictly follow different safety precautions and traffic rules. A vehicular accident is said to be one of the leading causes of injuries and death in different parts all over the globe.  

Whether you’re right in the middle of a traffic jam, in a parking lot, or on a country road, accidents can happen without any prior notice. How vehicles collide with one another can result in minor damage or injuries, but some can be serious to cause severe injuries or even death.  

If you happen to be recently involved in a car accident, it can be an especially distressing ordeal if it’s your first time. Getting involved in accidents may also have legal consequences. It’s advised to work with an experienced legal team to ensure timely management of all legal matters like getting compensation for your injuries, property damage, and other losses. 

Here are some of the frequent forms of auto accidents and how they happen. Read on to learn more.  

  1. Rear-End Collision 

A rear-end collision happens when a car rams into the vehicle right in front of it. It’s said that more often, the driver of the rear vehicle is usually responsible for this ordeal, commonly due to the car following too closely, driving while under the influence, or driving while distracted.  

Although this type of car accident might seem minor, it’s capable of causing severe injuries depending on how fast the rear vehicle is moving at the time of the crash. 

  1. Head-On Collision 

A head-on collision occurs if the front of one vehicle slams into the front of another. In most instances, this type of ordeal can be due to a driver who has been drinking, experiencing a medical emergency, tired or distracted, and drifting to the opposite lane. Sadly, most cases involve high speeds, resulting in catastrophic injuries and an increased risk of fatalities. 

  1. Single Car Accident  

Single car accidents are a type of car accident that often involves running off the road or striking an obstacle along the road such as a tree or wall. Various factors can play a role in this type of accident.  

Since it only involves a single vehicle, the behavior or actions of the driver are the usual cause. Drunk driving, texting while driving, swerving to avoid a pedestrian, or falling asleep can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. However, the weather or mechanical issues with the car, such as brake failure, might also cause the accident. Brakes, engine, and transmission repair are crucial to prevent accidents. If your transmission fails, several problems will result in gear shifting problems, leaky seals and gaskets, and clutches that won’t engage, and it can cause you to lose control and end up in a crash. So it’s so important to get your transmission fixed right away. You should also have your brakes inspected and repaired regularly, especially if you do a lot of stop-and-go driving in heavy traffic.

  1. Vehicle Rollover 

Severe road mishaps might result in a rollover accident. In this type of car accident, the crash can be complex and violent.  

There are various factors at play in a rollover accident such as the road, vehicle, behavior of the driver, and the environment. Other factors such as location, speed, and alcohol consumption may also be determining factors.  

In most cases, it occurs when the driver abruptly turns the steering wheel to avoid an obstacle on the road. Often, the accident will only involve a single vehicle but can also occur if a driver swerves drastically due to the action of another driver.  

  1. Side-Impact Or T-Bone Accident 

In a T-bone type of car accident, one vehicle slams head-on into the side of another car, producing a distinctive T shape consisting of two vehicles.  

A side-impact accident typically occurs at parking lots, intersections, and when two cars move on a roadway. Generally, the outcome of this type of accident can be severe but can vary depending on where it hit the vehicle. Some of the injuries from this accident include fractures, traumatic brain injury (TBI), lacerations, internal bleeding, and even death.  

  1. Sideswipe Collision 

A sideswipe collision typically occurs when two cars, moving in the same direction, slam together along the sides.  

In most instances, it might be due to a distracted driver but can also happen if a driver attempts to change lane and fails to look before merging. 

  1. Multiple Vehicular Collision 

Among the different types of car accidents, a multiple vehicle collision is the most serious type in which several vehicles are involved. In most cases, it has the highest risk for severe injuries and even victim fatalities.  

The accident is common on highways and freeways, with cars and trucks moving at high speeds which puts them at increased risk for collisions. Due to the number of vehicles involved in this type of crash, the injuries to the passengers are usually severe or fatal, while damages to the cars can be very costly. 

Multiple vehicular collision victims, like others, may pursue legal action

Conclusion Always observe safety precautions when driving at all times. Even if you can’t prevent vehicular accidents, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re following the rules while on the road. By strictly observing road safety measures at all times, it’ll lower your chances of ending up in one of the car accidents mentioned above.

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