This Video Shows What Would Really Happen If Robots Took Over

Corridor Digital Films The Revenge Of The Robot As It Beats Humans

Before we can talk about the video that has been put together by Corridor Digital, we must talk about Boston Dynamics. You have all heard about Boston Dynamics and seen the amazing videos that the company keeps on posting about its amazing robotic accomplishments. The company is focused on making robots that are capable of performing amazing feats such as backflipping robots and robots with extreme balancing skills even when objects are being thrown at them!

Corridor Digital Films The Revenge Of The Robot As It Beats Humans

The Massachusetts-based robot company releases videos of its robotic creations almost every few months. You can watch them stacking boxes or executing perfect backflips. Some even show robots jumping back up once they have been pushed down. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to do a parody of these videos, and that is where Corridor Digital comes in with its specialty of visual effects.

Corridor Digital is an LA production studio that is known for its skills in visual effects. It has uploaded a video where a robot similar to Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS takes a beating from its testers in the name of research. The testers use whips, balls, and even hockey sticks to torment the robot. However, the robot finally has had enough and fights back.

The robot attacks the tormentors where it hurts the most and even threatens to open fire. The video is quite clearly a parody; however, it looks so real that it was able to fool quite a large number of people. The video is so realistic that Corridor Digital actually had to issue a clarification stating that no human beings or robots were harmed during the filming of the video.

Corridor Digital posted a follow-up video where it showed behind the scenes video thus detailing how they faked the revenge of the robot. A team member had dressed in an Xsens motion capture suit, and his movements were then worked into a CG robot model that moved similar to the actor’s body.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!

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