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This Video Shows How Your Shoes will Hold Up Against Sulphuric Acid

Do you detest the khaki colour of your sneakers? Have you always secretly longed for a cool pair of purple coloured shoes?


Image Source: YouTube/LMT


A YouTuber LetsMeltThis has explored what will happen if you pour sulphuric acid over your shoes!

If you want to change the colour of your shoes, all you need is a few globs of sulphuric acid. Pour some acid on the top of your shoes and watch as your khaki sneakers are transformed into royal purple ones.

It is quite obvious that you will never get to wear them again as they would transform into an utterly useless pulp.


Image Source: YouTube/LMT


Apart from the colour change, the shoes try to hold up against the destructive acid, but eventually, the acid takes over. The sulphuric acid dissolved the threading of the shoe while the rest of the shoe is destroyed upon contact.

Don’t try this at home; if you do, always take your shoes off!

You can watch the entire video documenting the fate of the shoe as the acid hits it below: