This Video Shows How The Tesla Autopilot Sees The World


Stop everything you are doing! This surely is the most fascinating and interesting video you will watch on the internet for a while!

Tesla as recently released a new video, flaunting their new Tesla vehicle with a big-time upgrade in its Autopilot features. The amazing car is seen to be driving effortlessly through a moderately busy route with full autonomy!

Building on their previous semi-autonomous vehicles, Tesla’s latest hardware package includes eight surround cameras, giving it a 360-degree visibility along with a 250-meter (820-ft) range. The new car has 12 additional ultrasonic sensors, a forward-facing radar and an even more powerful processor, enabling this wonder of engineering to become a reality.

Pic Credits: newatlas
Pic Credits: newatlas

The video shows how the software interprets a white van as a green square and a street sign as a purple square. Of course, the self-driving technology would be a lot more complex than that, but the graphics are directed at giving you an idea of how the technology works and helps in driving a car around the streets like any other traditional ones.

The video also revealed the complexity of the process to some extent, as we can see the lane markings coming up in red and purple, any motion flow being marked by green lines and “in-path objects” popping up as green squares.

The incredibly eye-grabbing video rounds it off with the car stopping and nailing a reverse parking in one shot!

You can check out the video below.

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