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This Video Shows How A US Passport Is Made

Passport is truly a bizarre contraption. It goes into the hands of scores of people every time you decide to travel, but no one really knows the technology behind the document, and the procedure that makes it foolproof, or at least very difficult to replicate.

US passports are printed at the US Government Printing Office and use over 60 different materials to create as many as 30 security features in that piece of plastic and paper, with most of the features being invisible to the naked eye.

The mystery might also be a blessing, since passports protect our identities, national security, and are the best proof of ID. So not knowing about the underlying process might help to keep the process and the security features in a passport less prone to counterfeit.

But if your inner scout is still pushing you to know more about the process, we’ve got just the right video for you. Although it doesn’t shed light on the exact methodology of adding the security features in your passport, but it still provides some very useful information that can satisfy your lust for answers and a curiosity to know more about the passport you carry.

Watch the video below to learn more about how a passport is made!

Here’s another video uploaded by US state department and consists of an interview with Under Secretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy and State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack about the production process for creating a US passport and its security features.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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