Do You Know How Powerful Your Passport Is? Find Out Your Privileges Here


We all know passport is the official documentation of your citizenship as well as your identity particularly needed for travel. But what rights and privileges does it give us across the world? How can we find out what our citizenship entails? Well, the answer is this amazing tool called Passport Index which has a website dedicated to it. is a web-based encyclopaedia of passports that provides you all the information you need about different passports of the world and what citizenship rights they come with. It is built by Arton Capital, a finance firm.



Homepage. Credits:
Homepage. Credits:


This fascinating website is interactive and has a database of more than 190 passports of various countries across the globe. It  not only displays information about the passports but also lets you compare and rank them according to their global power.

Click on any passport on the home page and it will open in a pop-up window that shows the most recent image of the document as well as its different ranking in terms of Individual Rank, Global Rank and Visa-Free Score.


Germany's Passport.
Germany’s Passport. Credits:


By clicking the “Compare” tab you can input two or more passports and compare them on the basis of their rank, short-stay privileges, visa-free mobility and access to foreign countries.

Compare different passports. Credits:
Compare different passports. Credits:


The website lets you filter through various passports by comparing documents by location, color, region and images of passports arranged in alphabetical order.

For details on rankings, you can click on the Rank section and discover the overall Passport Power maps. At present, for instance, Swedish and German passports are the most powerful around the globe with the highest Passport index of 158 each.

Rankings showing Germany and Sweden on top. Credits:

Lastly, the “Discover” tab shows recent news and updated designs/ maps related to the passports.

Map of European Passports.
Map of European Passports. Credits:

So how powerful is your passport? Let us know in the comments section.

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