This USB Powered Hoodie Can Keep You Warm With It’s Built-In Heat Panels

Evolve jacket 2

So are you tired of constant shivers running through your body in extreme cold and seriously considering you had brought your blanket’s heating pads along with you? Well, that’s not possible because, for one thing, they will burn your top down and for another, would you still bring them if you had the perfect alternative? Well, I say its time for you to create some extra space in your winter collection for the Venture Heat’s new Hoodie that keeps you warm in freezing temperatures with heating rods both on front and back. It is powered by a USB power bank.

The new hoodie does it differently from other warmers present in the market today. They tend to pack layers and layers of advanced insulation to keep you warm, but it makes them appear very heavy and puffy which isn’t liked by many. This Evolve jacket, on the other hand, can keep you warm by turning on the heat itself. Nothing feels better in cold than a small heat source, and this upper can be your portable heat source anywhere you want to go!

The distribution of heating pads of the Evolve is excellent as nobody likes to have a warm chest but a cold back in one instant. There are three warming pads present on the inside of the jacket. Two on the front side at each chest point and another halfway through the back. They are all powered by a single USB port that can be powered by any power bank capable of USB 2.0A output. One might think that they should have given their power source along to make things easier, but the truth is in this way, we won’t have to pay for an extra power bank. Many of us have one already, and we can easily use it inside the hoodie.

Evolve jacket

The heating panels never come in direct contact with your skin but rather, the heat passes through to your body through a breathable mesh that ensures efficient heat transfer inside and stops any losses from the outside. An externally present controller allows the wearer to control the temperature inside like a Thermostat from 41º C to 52º C which is more than enough.

But, the question is how long can it provide heating power since it is mostly meant to be used outdoors? The answer largely depends on the condition and make of your power bank as well as the Thermostat settings you are using in the hoodie. A 10,400 mAh battery can provide you heating anywhere between 3.5 and 12 hours non-stop. Venture Heat has also made it fail-safe in case of short-circuiting so that it won’t catch fire or slowly burn the fabric at any instance. The hoodie as a whole is washable in water, and the circuitry won’t be affected. We just have to remember to remove our power banks or else they will get damaged in the process.
Heated hoodie

The hoodie is currently the subject of an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign, and it is performing admirably there, largely because of its unique potential for cold areas of the world. It has raised over 3 percent of its total 30,000 $ goal in just over 16 hours right now. 89 $ is the price currently being touted for the amazing jacket excluding a quality power bank, which you can get for an extra 25$. If production goes according to schedule, backers will start receiving the jacket by this December.

The jacket would be cool to use for mountaineers as well, protecting them from dangerous frostbite as much as it can!

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