This University Professor Is Attempting To Live Underwater For 100 Days

Florida professor Joseph Dituri is making headlines for his attempt to set a new record for living underwater. Dituri, who is also known as “Dr. Deepsea” on social media, has been living in a 100-square-foot habitat 30 feet below the surface at Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo since March 1st. If he completes his mission, he will have lived underwater for 100 days, breaking the previous record of 73 days.

Dituri is conducting a biology study to examine how the human body handles the long-term effects of staying submerged in extreme pressure. Throughout the duration of the study, a medical team will dive down to routinely check on Dituri’s health. Various tests, including blood panels, ultrasounds, and electrocardiograms, will be conducted to understand the physical effects of living underwater for an extended period of time. Additionally, psychosocial and psychological tests will be administered to examine the mental effects of being alone and stuck in a tight space for an extended period of time.

The possibility of increased longevity and prevention of diseases tied to aging is also being examined as a result of Dituri’s living in increased pressure. In a previous study, cells exposed to more pressure doubled within five days, suggesting that increased pressure could lead to improvements in health.

Dituri’s study is a testament to the incredible advancements that can be made through scientific research. His determination to break the previous record for living underwater is inspiring and demonstrates the incredible progress that can be made through dedication and commitment to scientific study.

In conclusion, Joseph Dituri’s attempt to live underwater for a record-setting 100 days is an incredible feat. His study will provide invaluable insight into the long-term effects of living underwater, including both physical and mental health impacts. We wish him the best of luck in his mission to break the previous record and look forward to the insights his study will bring.

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