This Universal Furniture Uses Hexagonal Pods To Transform Into Anything You Want

Lift bit

Imagine Minecraft and its assortment of blocks or whatever its players call them and then you are able to transform it into real life with just a touch of reality. What would you make with it? Furniture, of course! You can’t build giant structures because of the material and engineering involved, and you would want to reuse it afterwards when you are done admiring your handiwork. So, enter Lift-Bit, a hexagonal stool that will make your wildest furniture permutations come true!

Lift bit

Lift-Bit on its own is essentially a sitting chair that can rise to a certain level. With this ability, it can be used for high counters and low counters alike. But, when you get some more of these, that’s when the real fun begins. With its hexagonal structure, the new furniture concept can be team up with other similar units to create all kinds of permutations to one’s own comfort. Here is the amazing video on what you can accomplish using the lift-bits:

Yes, the only limit to their application is your own imagination. The furniture bits are connected via an app, and it has some built-in combinations that you can try as well as manually adjusting them according to your own comfort. It was created by a collaboration between an International design firm, Carlo Ratti Associates and Swiss Furniture giants Vitra.
Lift bit2

‘Lift-Bit draws on the potential of the internet of things technologies to transform our interior landscape, giving form to an endlessly reconfigurable environment,’ According to Professor Carlo Ratti, founder of Carlo Ratti Associates. Just like other things around the house, furniture is also getting smarter and contributing towards the internet of things. Car giant Nissan also has introduced a new technology; the self-driving office chair that can rotate 360 degrees, locate a target and pull itself away.

Amazing how things are turning out to be, right? But, it is a little expensive at around $1,000.

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