This Ultra-High-Speed Canadian Passenger Train Is Faster Than A Plane

FluxJet is the ultra-high-speed train that’s being developed by a Canadian startup. It is very much anticipated as it is expected to be three times faster than the existing high-speed trains.

TransPod has stated that FluxJet will allow people to get to Edmonton from Calgary, both in Alberta, in just a matter of 45 minutes. For comparison, this distance is 3 hours by car!

The most progressive feature of FluxJet is that it will work with renewable energies.

Additionally, with passengers, it will also carry all kinds of goods, without contributing to carbon emissions.

According to the company’s calculations, the emissions will be cut down by 636,000 tons of CO2 with this project.

FluxJet will use a magnetic flotation system with a network of low-pressure tubes. Also, when leaving urban environments, it will use magnetic levitation technology.

While presenting the project, TransPod foretold a frequency of ultra-fast trains of 80 seconds, which would massively decrease waiting times.

The aim is to build stations in key locations and major cities across Canada.

This project is expected to create up to 140,000 jobs and add $19.2 billion to the region’s GDP through construction.

The project will be the first of a network of ultra-fast trains that move throughout Canada fast and efficiently. Also, the company wants to make the ticket affordable.

TransPod estimates that once operating, the FluxJet ticket between Calgary and Edmonton will be 44% less than a plane ticket with the same route.

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