This Ultra-Efficient Toroidal Propeller Has Received A Contra-Rotating Double Upgrade

Sharrow Marine, renowned for its groundbreaking toroidal propeller designs, has introduced a new innovation – the Sharrow CX, a coaxial, contra-rotating propeller system. This new addition to the Sharrow Propeller family integrates the company’s signature toroidal design into a contra-rotating setup, promising enhanced energy efficiency and reduced noise levels.

The Sharrow CX features two propellers rotating in opposite directions around a single shaft, a configuration known for its efficiency in marine propulsion. Sharrow offers CX variants tailored for popular marine drives such as Volvo Penta DuoProp sterndrive, Mercury V12 outboard, Bravo III sterndrive, and Suzuki 300 and 350 outboards. The contra-rotating design, pioneered by Volvo Penta, mitigates energy loss in tangential flow, resulting in improved thrust and overall performance.

Sharrow’s toroidal blades, characterized by their twisted looped design, further enhance the efficiency of the contra-rotating propeller system. While the company does not delve deeply into the specific advantages of combining toroidal blades with contra-rotating propulsion, it anticipates notable improvements in efficiency, agility, and maneuverability.

Previous testing of Sharrow’s single propellers has demonstrated significant enhancements in range, reverse thrust, and noise reduction, earning the company prestigious awards for innovation in marine propulsion.

Sharrow’s special boat spinners are famous for being super cool and working really well. They’re seen as fancy and cost more than regular ones. The Sharrow CX costs from $8,995 to $11,995, depending on which one you want. This shows that Sharrow cares a lot about making top-notch stuff. But even though they’re pricey, you can pay a little bit upfront to order one before they’re ready in Spring 2026.

These boat spinners are made in the USA with really strong steel and come with a lifetime guarantee, which means they’re top-notch and will last a long time. Even though they might not be affordable for everyone, Sharrow keeps on making them better and getting praise from boat experts.

The introduction of the Sharrow CX represents a significant advancement in marine propulsion technology, combining the efficiency of contra-rotating propellers with the performance benefits of Sharrow’s toroidal blade design. Despite its premium pricing, Sharrow’s commitment to quality and innovation underscores its position as a leader in the field of marine propulsion.

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