This Ukrainian Artist Creates Stunning Steampunk-Inspired Masks

Dmitry Bragin is a Ukrainian artist who has specialized in steampunk masks. These masks are so fascinating that make the wearer look more machine than man.

Most of these masks are not steampunk but look like one. They have no moving parts and are heavily inspired by the sci-fi genre. The whole process of making these alluring masks starts from a delicate plastic mask that’s easy to shape as his base and adds all sorts of decorative elements to it to change it into amazing end products. His range of materials comprises motorcycle parts, discarded camera lenses, and metallic children’s toys. However, he transforms them so skillfully that you cannot tell they were made from these materials.

Bragin’s steampunk-inspired masks appear to be 100% metallic, but, according to MyModernMet, this is just an effect that is added to his products through metallic paint. Most of the materials used in the masks are very lightweight. This makes them more convenient and comfortable to wear. It is because of the paint that gives the impressive-looking accessory its weighty, vintage appearance.

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