This UK-Based Start-Up Has Created An Invisibility Shield Just Like Harry Potter’s Cloak

A UK-based firm called ‘Invisibility Shield Co.’ invented a shield that uses a specific lens array to divert light, rendering anything or people hiding behind it invisible.

Invisibility cloaks and shields have long been popular in sci-fi movies. However, the fantasy has become real, thanks to Invisibility Shield Co.

Up to this point, the company has produced 25 functional shields, and the team is keen to build more.

They come in two sizes: full size (approximately 3 x 2 feet), large enough to hide a human or two. The other is around 12 x 8 inches in size. The full-size shield costs $394, while the smaller one costs around $65, including shipping rates.

Currently, the company has received 362 orders. It is expected to begin deliveries in December 2022.

“Disappointed by the lack of progress and the continued unavailability of actual working invisibility shields, we decided to step things up and go all-in on our project to create one,” the team stated.

“We went through countless iterations, tested many materials, and experienced a lot of failures,” they added.

A unique lens in the shield redirects light from the person hiding behind it and reflects it away from the viewer. Various lens shapes with variable angles, depth, separation distance, and profiles were tested to build the shield.

“The material used to create the shields is UV resistant, temperature resistant, and extremely durable; it is commonly used for external signage and marine applications,” the team explained.

The team believes the shields function best against uniform backdrops such as flora, sky, and sand.

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