This Two-Story RV Now Comes With An Inflatable Pop-Up

Futuristic camper with an inflatable pop-up for added space? Sign me up.

Hymer Group brand Burstner takes inspiration from the VisionVenture, a Sprinter B+ camper van concept developed by Hymer Group back in 2019, to bring us with a two-floor, ultramodern RV that would take travelers to their dream trips in style.

The RV’s 271-inch-long Lyseo Gallery isn’t the first over-cab pop-top that has surfaced lately; however, it is far more in features than the average above-cab sleeper. Its developers detailed that the inflatable alcove makes the RV’s interior spacious, just like the manufacturers’ hard-alcove Class C RV. This one, however, comes with a sleeker drive form of its semi-integrated Class B+/C vehicles.

The Lyseo Gallery features the same dimensions as non-pop-up Lyseo models, with its inflatable pop-up closed. The earlier Burstner’s models didn’t feature inflatable pop-ups; instead, that space was used to provide added storage. However, in the new Lyseo Gallery, storage space transforms into a roomy bedroom thanks to the “Gallery Roof.”

The Lyseo Gallery doesn’t use the conventional struts for raising the roof; instead, a built-in air compressor blows air into the vertical chambers, transforming the lowered drive roof into an upstairs bedroom. A specified pressure sensor maintains the inner air pressure and keeps the walls pressurized to a set level. The developers of the Lyseo Gallery Roof promise a quiet operation. However, that would be counted as true once a 2 am refill doesn’t disturb its users’ sleep.

Materials tend to fail; this raises a concern about what would happen if the pressurized walls leak due to an unforeseen event. Answering it, Burstner said that the walls are reinforced to keep from damage, while the chambers are arranged so that the roof won’t collapse all at once, leaving the individuals with enough time to evacuate the upstairs bedroom.

A push-button is deployed to raise the upstairs bedroom roof in a mere 90 seconds, with almost zero effort on the owner’s part. The Gallery Roof is fashioned so that it goes straight up into the air, instead of tilt opening like most other pop-tops. This allows for an increased interior volume and an upstairs bedroom with a sitting height of 43 inches (110 cm).

Check out pictures of the luxurious interior of this futuristic motor home below, along with a video containing its first look.

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