This Treadmill Is So Big That 10 Persons Can Run On It At The Same Time

Treadmill that Lets 10 Persons Use it Simultaneously2

As America gets engulfed by winters, you will hardly find a runner out there in the freezing cold. When these runners move indoors they face the problem of non-availability of treadmills because someone is already using them at that time. A Chilean firm, Oxford Fitness, has designed a treadmill that can cater to 10 runners simultaneously.
Treadmill that Lets 10 Persons Use it Simultaneously4
Treadmill that Lets 10 Persons Use it Simultaneously5

The firm has plans of hosting a pair of 2 hour race on this newly built machine in Santiago, Chile. The firm says, “Oxford Treadmill Fitness invites us to participate in a form of racing like never before. The idea is that the last competitor who falls, wins the race.” The treadmill is 5 meters high, 3 meters wide and about 6 meters long.Treadmill that Lets 10 Persons Use it Simultaneously6

According to the website, the contest is not for the faint hearted. The first race will have the machine’s speed set at 6 Mph in order to test the endurance of competitors. Speed will be increased at 0.5 Mph intervals up to the speed of 10 Mph (6-minute per mile).Treadmill that Lets 10 Persons Use it Simultaneously3

The second race will witness higher speeds so that the runners who can’t keep up will be dropped out. According to the company, the last runner remaining upright and on board shall be declared the winner.Treadmill that Lets 10 Persons Use it Simultaneously Treadmill that Lets 10 Persons Use it Simultaneously2

Oxford Fitness with its creative partner 10:10, has plans for a national tour with this amazing treadmill and is looking forward to get Erwin Valdebnito on board. Erwin is the Chilean holder of a Guinness World Record for running 24 hours straight on a regular treadmill.
Sounds like a pretty fun competition, isn’t it?


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