This Tracking Device Can Help You Manage Your Time

timeflip magnet device time tracking

There is never enough time in the day to do all those tasks that we have planned to do. We cannot find enough time for our ambitions and curiosities. And the more we worry about it, the more we end up wasting it. But those who learned the art of managing their time are the one who became successful. The good thing is that we are living in the 21st Century and now this life-changing skill can be developed and nurtured by anyone. A device called TimeFlip Magnet Simple Time Tracking Device helps to manage the time in a way that it is effective and entertaining too.

Most of the time-saving tools waste a person’s time by requiring them to spend a lot of time on the app. However, TimeFlip Magnet lets the user keep their focus where it is needed to be. The user needs to assign a specific task to the device and turn it to monitor how much time you are spending on a specific task. After that, flip it again to start another task.

A powerful app helps you to keep track of up to 12 simultaneous tasks which can be mapped to the Magnet’s 12 sides. The user will be able to access short and long-term statistics through an app or web interface which helps to eliminate the time which has been wasted on useless projects or distractions.

The TimeFlip Magnet is also fully compatible with platforms like Toggl, Harvest, Todoist, Trello, JIRA, ZenDesk, and Wrike.

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