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This Town In The Mountains Of Italy Is Shaped Like A Person

Centuripe is a small town in the hills of Sicily. It is called “the balcony of Sicily” because of its mesmerizing panoramas across to Mount Etna, but there is another interesting thing about it. It makes a peculiar shape when viewed from the air.

Pio Andrea Peri, a 32-year-old local photographer, recently used his drone to capture the unique shape of Centuripe from high up in the sky. The photographer was intrigued by the shape of his town that was visible on Google Earth. He took it upon himself to confirm the shape in reality. He was so surprised by what he saw on his monitor that he snapped a few photos and shared them on social media, where they went viral almost instantly. From the right angle, Centuripe looks like the silhouette of a person with their arms and legs stretched out.

“The whole world was incredulous at the bizarre shape of this town, many did not believe it was true, and they thought that I had drawn the photo on the PC,” the young Italian photographer told Mail Online. “But when they realized the truth by searching on Google Earth many of them personally apologized for what they said to me.”

Pio’s aerial photographs of Centuripe started receiving international attention. The town’s mayor invited the young artist to stage an exhibition and showcase his work.

“It was a hard shot to create, and I had to use multiple shots because of the height limit of the drone,” Pio said about his most popular photo. “I overlaid about 18 shots manually in post-production and it took two hours of editing, I’m very happy with the result.”

The town is built on a hill and is around 2,400 feet above sea level. Centuripe offers amazing views of the countryside of Enna province, as well as of the famous Mount Etna, about 40 miles away.

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