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This Restaurant In Australia Delivers Food To Customers Via Parachutes


So how do you deliver food to your customers when you neither want to have waiters nor you own a quadcopter?

You throw it at them!

Yes, that’s correct. Three innovative guys have started their pop-up restaurant Jafflechutes in Melbourne, Australia. Food is flown down through parachutes to the customers waiting on the streets.

Jaffle is the Australian word for ‘sandwich toaster’. They combine ‘Jaffle’ and ‘Parachutes’ to bring ‘Melbourne’s first float-down eatery’, Jafflechutes.

To get your Jaffle, you have to pay via PayPal and then wait beside a cross (X) at some location that keeps on changing. The customers are kept updated of the location via Facebook. The sandwich comes floating down from the 7th floor via a parachute.

The pop-up restaurant offers two amazing affordable dishes that have as unique names as is the idea behind the restaurant. One is ‘Drop it Like it’s Hot’, which is a sandwich with ham and tomato for 5 AUD and the other is ‘Gust of Wind’ sandwich with ham, cheese and tomato which costs 6 AUD.



We see Jafflechutes as an exciting entrepreneurial idea that uses gravity instead of hiring staff to serve food! No, but seriously, it’s not just the Sandwich that is served, it’s the way it is served and the air of mysteriousness they have kept about themselves that is attracting more and more customers to stare into the sky while waiting for their sandwiches to be delivered!

At the moment, Jafflechutes is preparing for a road show in New York. They’re also seeking financial help from people to help them manufacture that many parachutes.

‘There’ll be beer nearby, some tunes, and a full afternoon’s worth of jafflechuting anecdotes (and other tall stories). We’re even working on a way to allow you to be recognised for every parachute that you make!’

To us it looks like a show from the magicians of the Hollywood movie Now-You-See-Me. What does it look like to you? Tell us in comments below!

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