This Tourism Company Is Offering You The Opportunity To Experience Zero-G Concerts

Florida-based Zero Gravity Corporation (Zero-G) has announced a new initiative of hosting zero gravity concerts that allow musicians to perform their top songs while floating in zero gravity.

Zero-G is the first and only FAA-approved zero gravity flight provider that provides astronaut training and grounds for scientific research, corporate incentives, entertainment, TV and film sets, and public flights.

Previously hosting a private zero gravity rave, Zero-G plans to support full musical instrument groups in the future after some custom engineering. The first three performances will focus on DJs, rap and pop artists, and the company is already in touch with some likely candidates. The times and places are yet to be determined, but Allison Odyssey, Zero-G’s COO, mentioned that they are all around the country and will depend on the artist’s schedule.

In addition, the specially modified Boeing 727 G-Force One aircraft that achieves weightlessness by flying aerobatic manoeuvres called parabolas are used for zero gravity flights. Passengers experience true weightlessness during the parabolic arc of the flight. Zero-G passengers feel the pull of 1.8 Gs when the pilots increase the angle of the aircraft from level to about 45° relative to the horizon until reaching an altitude of 32,000 feet (9,753 m). The maneuver is flown 15 times over the course of the flight, each taking about 10 miles (16 km) of airspace to perform.

The Zero-G Experience starts at $9,070 + 5.2% tax per person, which includes 15 parabolas, including lunar and zero gravity, a Zero-G flight suit, Zero-G merchandise, a Flight completion pin, and photos and videos of the experience.

The company provides a unique opportunity for music lovers to experience weightlessness while enjoying their favorite music. “Only a fraction of humanity has ever experienced zero gravity. It’s time to change that,” Odyssey stated.

In addition to the entertainment aspect, this initiative provides a platform for artists passionate about space and looking to push the boundaries of live music. The Zero-G Experience is an incredible opportunity to break free from Earth’s gravitational pull and feel the freedom of weightlessness, making it an unparalleled experience for everyone involved.

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