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This Toothbrush Fitted With A Video Camera Gives You A First-Hand Look At Your Teeth Hygiene

We are often guilty of shining our crowns and ignoring the useful molars while we brush our teeth. There is a reason why tooth decay starts from these abandoned teeth doing most of the work rather than the front ones. Now even though some of us try to clean them as much as we can, there is no guarantee of it since we just can’t see what’s inside the mouth more than what may appear on the front. To cater for a better dental hygiene, this toothbrush ONVI’s Prophix offers a fresh angle from which to look at your teeth. It has a built-in camera that can aid you to clean every small space in your teeth to a maximum effect.

The company claims that it is the very first toothbrush to offer video insight into the teeth’s hygiene. It is intended to be a solid option for people to keep their teeth clean and avoid distressing diseases throughout life that also lead to other problems in the gut and stomach. The device pairs with an iOS app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Soon enough, the Android application will also be ready.

The Prophix allows users to use an in-built HD camera capable of recording 1080p videos for a live feed on their smartphones while they brush away. It can also capture 10 MP pictures that can be saved by the app for a closer look next time.

And it doesn’t just stop at that. It has four interchangeable attachments that come with it e.g a rotating brush head for a better cleaning experience and a prophy cup that is used for cleaning the contour area around the gums. There is also a mirror that dentists use to view the hard-to-see places. A rubber tip for massaging gums and removing plaque and tartar is also part of the package. The device is powered by a Li-ion battery and also provides tips for a healthier mouth. But, I have doubts about its practicality since it will be difficult to hold the phone in one hand and brush with the other while looking at the phone.

It is available at a discounted pre-order price of $299 right now with the retail price set to be $399. It will be shipped in the first four months of 2017.