This Tool By Google Can Turn Old Laptops Into Chromebooks – And It Is Now Widely Available

Google finally revealed the arrival of its “ChromeOS Flex” system at the beginning of this year, and as soon as it was announced, the release of this feature became one of the big talking points in the online community. The set-up works by installing a new Chrome operating system on an old Windows or Mac laptop. In addition to that, the most interesting news of the bunch is that Google has now said that it is now going to make this system ready to be installed on a broader scale after giving it “early access”. Now, Flex can be installed on a larger number of Macs or PCs without any restrictions.

However, this doesn’t imply that the whole dynamics of your PC or Mac will be subjected to change. Instead, you can just go to the ChromeOS Flex website to drive a “Bootable Chrome installation” on your USB device. The reason for this is to make sure that the system doesn’t contain any malware or any type of fault and is operating smoothly. As soon as you get this clarification, you are all set to renew your old system with ChromOS Flex.

It is worth noting that Google has done an outstanding job of fixing around 600 errors, which it got to know as a result of its “early access” program, in which it experimented with the setup on 400 different devices. After receiving the feedback and rectifying all the bugs identified, Google has then made its access available on a larger scale.

As far as the applicability of the system is concerned, Google has primarily developed this system for businesses or school portals that require the fastest working capability, but due to the older computers, it wasn’t possible. The system is capable enough now as it extends the lives of older computers when this new setup is installed. Also, it is to be noted that instead of installing the system on every single computer, an IT department can make it positioned over their wide range of networks, and in this way, the users can easily install the system on their computers with a USB drive.

To that end, before introducing Flex, Google had actually put its hands on “Neverware’s CloudReady software,” which is used to transform old computers into Chromebooks. But after the release of Flex, Google has plans to upgrade “Neverware” into ChromeOS Flex, which has a diverse range of features as compared to other systems and is now fully operational.

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