This Toilet Seat Glows In The Dark To Help You Overcome Your Demons

Glow toliet seat2

More and more odd stuff is being seen on the web based on intriguing scientific principles. It makes you wonder the extent to which our bizarre mind can work. So ladies and gentlemen without further ado, I introduce to you, the glow-in-the-dark toilet seat!

When this American guy hurt himself by bumping into the toilet seat(despite having power), he vowed that his toilet will never be dark again. His whole family laughed at him when he told the story but, it was only then that this revolutionary idea presented itself. The radiation spewing toilet seat is the best way he could have light in the darkest place of the world. But, couldn’t he just flip a switch every time he went to┬áthe washroom? Duh!

Glow toliet seat3

Well, jokes aside, if it isn’t radioactive as many of the glowing things are thought to be, this seat could help the toddlers and the aged people in their clumsy trips to the bathroom. The older people can’t see clearly, and the young can’t reach the switch or are in too much of a hurry to look before the leap.

Why only the toilet seat, though? Why not have a glowing light above or at the shower? The inventor explains that he made only the seat because it is generally located at the center of the room where and the seat itself is usually reflective too. This arrangement makes the effect much more pronounced, and thus a person can navigate through without running into dangerous obstacles.

Once the prototype was made, they made a company called “Night Glow Seats” and started to market the product. It is an average seat designed with glowing material and nothing is special about it. It appears like a normal light in the day and starts glowing in the night. The price of 49.99 dollars is expensive for such a novel item. But, the Reynolds says the cost is due to the high-end materials used in the construction of the seat. The glow won’t disappear for about twenty years.

The throne that glows has become very popular across the world as Night Glow seats have received orders from around the world as far as Japan even. The company has set an ambitious┬átarget of having a glowing seat in each home. Well, that’s not possible as toilets aren’t the same everywhere. However, if they increase their range of glowing items, it might be possible to have similar things in each home.

Have a look at the video here:


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