This Titanium Multitool Packs 17 Features Into One Crazy Carabiner

With 17 features packed into a single titanium carabiner multitool, the GH Carabiner by Hong Kong-based gear company Ant Design offers a compact and versatile solution for everyday tasks. Whether hanging gear or tackling real-world challenges, this gadget promises functionality without compromise.

Ant Design’s GH Carabiner, currently featured in a Kickstarter campaign, builds upon the company’s reputation for innovative gear solutions. While previous offerings included multitools with limited functions, the GH stands out with its impressive features.

Primarily designed as a gear-hanging carabiner, the GH boasts a spring-loaded gate with a slider lock mechanism for easy one-handed operation. A maximum load capacity of 220 lb (100 kg) ensures reliable performance for various tasks, excluding rock climbing.

Atop the GH Carabiner, users will find essential tools such as a bubble level, nail file, fold-out tungsten carbide glass breaker, flat head screwdriver, and a 4-mm interchangeable-bit driver. Additionally, the multitool includes a hex bit and a magnetic storage compartment for accommodating a second user-supplied bit.

On the non-gate side, the GH features a removable ferro rod fire-starter tool and a fold-out replaceable utility blade, catering to outdoor and emergency situations. Furthermore, incremented markings along the side transform it into a metric or imperial ruler, enhancing its versatility for precise measurements.

The GH Carabiner stands as a testament to Ant Design’s commitment to practical innovation, offering users a compact yet comprehensive multitool for various applications. Whether embarking on outdoor adventures or handling everyday tasks, this Swiss Army knife alternative is poised to become a go-to companion for those seeking functionality in a minimalist package.

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