This Tiny Phone From Palm Is The Most Interesting Thing That Has Happened To Phones

palm phone

The flagships phones in the market these days are all the same. Each one has a large screen, same apps, and a rectangular body. The monotony of these phones is the reason why the new Palm phone is intriguing. It is small with a 3.3-inch screen and a price tag of only $350. This costs almost a third of the flagships phones from Apple, Google, and Samsung. The Palm phone comes with a 12-mp camera and has a pixel density which can compete Apple’s iPhone XR. Palm comes with its webOS operating system and its ancestor Palm Pre was also ready to give Apple and Blackberry a tough fight.

However, Palm was later purchased by HP and sold off in the name of a Chinese company TCL. The small device is suitable for people with small hands since using huge sets from Apple or Samsung becomes a real problem for people. This Palm also points directly at the issue that most phone manufacturers design their phone operating systems in a way that users tend to use it very much. On the other hand, Palm’s OS limits its use in various ways.

Palm is not bought the way any other phone is purchased. It is, in fact, a supplemental gadget which compliments the phone you already have, just like a smartwatch. It appears to be simpler, and smaller replacement for the expensive device that you already have. Many companies have tried this idea before with devices like Light Phone and HTC Mini. If you need time away from your phone, Palm is the device which can do it for you. It can perform most of the functions available in a regular phone. The design of Palm is interesting however it is better suited as a supplement rather than a regular phone.

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