This Tiny New ‘Rabbit’ AI Device Ditches Apps For Real-World Magic

Santa Monica-based Rabbit introduces the R1, a groundbreaking personal AI device designed to streamline user tasks by actively operating multiple apps.

Rabbit’s R1 is not just another AI device; it’s a pocket-sized solution poised to redefine the user experience with its unique approach to app coordination. The device, designed by the Swedish tech firm Teenage Engineering, operates seamlessly with a user’s spoken requests, leveraging OpenAI’s language model for understanding. What sets R1 apart is its proprietary LAM, which learns to navigate and operate the user’s apps, transforming spoken commands into actionable tasks.

Jesse Lyu, Rabbit’s founder and CEO, emphasizes the need to move beyond the limitations of existing smartphones, stating, “We’ve come to a point where we have hundreds of apps on our smartphones with complicated UX designs that don’t talk to each other.” The LAM, trained through thousands of recorded user sessions, creates a cohesive and intuitive app experience by coordinating various applications.

Rabbit’s strategic decision to access user apps through credentials rather than limited APIs ensures the LAM model’s versatility in mimicking user actions across various apps. Addressing concerns about app makers feeling disaggregated, Lyu believes that app owners are unlikely to oppose this alternative access method as long as the services are used.

In the near future, users can utilize a “teach mode” to train the LAM model directly, allowing for a personalized and adaptable experience. Through the “rabbit hole” web portal, users can demonstrate how they use their favorite apps, enabling the model to infer and replicate human actions effectively.

The R1’s compact design, weighing 115 grams and resembling a stack of Post-it notes, focuses on efficiency. It features a 2.88-inch touchscreen display, a rotating camera for computer vision tasks, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, a MediaTek processor, ample memory and storage, a USB-C port, and a SIM card slot. With a promise of day-long battery life, the R1 is tailored for swift and hassle-free task execution.

The R1, priced at $199, is set to launch by Easter, offering users an innovative and user-friendly AI assistant that reimagines how we interact with our digital world.

As we anticipate its release, scrutiny will center on ease of setup, app compatibility, flexibility in multi-app actions, and the device’s adaptability to new apps and workflows. Rabbit’s R1 promises to transform daily tasks into a seamless and efficient experience.

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