This ‘Third Eye’ Lets You Walk Safely While Looking At Your Phone

Technology is advancing and is bringing along convenience for humans, so is with the new wearable third eye that will allow for a safe walk navigating through the streets while the wearer performs important tasks over the cellphone.

We often tend to bump into someone or something while texting or scrolling social media on cellphones, however, that stands as an old concern with the new developed high-tech third eye that gets attached to a person’s forehead and navigates through obstacles while the wearer walks along the road glued to the smartphone.

An industrial design student came up with the idea of the third eye after sighting the techs’ utilities and given today’s busy world and the kind of tight schedule everyone is on, the third-eye aiding for multitasking sounds like a creative idea to me.

Safer walks and drives while doing tasks in a parallel action brings along “saved time,” ensuring more convenience while allowing the wearer to do more tasks would also aid in added productivity if used in the right way. There are video-recorded incidences in which people busy on the phone felt into a fountain or banged themselves into an obstacle while not paying attention to the path ahead.

Minwook Paeng’s Third Eye comes canceling those accidental encounters with obstacles, which sure are funny for the viewers but not for the one who goes through an unexpected collision.

Despite the fear of getting hurt, restraining the use of a cellphone to either talk to a loved one or selecting songs while you walk is a hard thing to do, credits to the new design that it no longer stands as a concern. The wearer would enjoy the little joys of life while walking casually or reaching the desired place in time.

“The black component that looks like a pupil is an ultrasonic sensor for sensing distance,” the designer said. “When an obstacle is in front of the user, the ultrasonic sensor detects this and informs the user via a connected buzzer.”

The innovative new third eye comes with a translucent plastic case that gets fixed to the wearer’s forehead. Insides of the third eye tech consist of a speaker, a gyroscope sensor, and a sonar sensor. Upon detecting the user’s eyes are committed to their cellphone when the head is angled down, the plastic case of the third eye lifts up activating the device for a watch ahead.  

Watch the video below to learn more about the third eye.

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