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This Tesla With An Upgraded Battery Can Go Up To 750 Miles On One Charge

Michigan-based startup Our Next Energy (ONE) has installed a new battery in a Tesla Model S. The upgrade allowed the vehicle to cover an impressive 752 miles on a single charge.

The startup installed a much higher capacity battery in the sedan, according to Car and Driver. It has enhanced its range by almost 90 percent compared to its EPA-rated 402-mile range.

The new battery had a capacity of nearly double the kilowatt-hours, adding a massive 99.8 kWh of energy compared to the Tesla’s original battery, according to Electrek.

ONE CEO Mujeeb Ijaz told Car and Driver that the company managed to install the new battery pack, called Gemini 001, into the “same space as the original battery,” but using “safer” and more “sustainable” methods — an impressive feat of next-gen battery technologies.

In a December test, the Model S withstood icy Michigan temperatures, driving almost 14 hours at an average 55 mph. On a dynamometer, the car managed to keep up a steady 55 mph pace for an even more astonishing 882 miles.

“Despite the promises of a more sustainable approach to EV batteries using a “conflict-free supply chain,” according to Car and Driver, the company is still relying on lithium-based compounds, which come at an environmental cost.

The battery that is used in the Model S test used high-energy cobalt-nickel cells instead. Cobalt has also been attributed to unethical and environmentally costly mining practices.

It is amazing how much a battery can be packed with energy, and EV makers are actively looking to reduce both their environmental and ethical burden on the world by looking to go cobalt-free in the long term.

More sustainable and environment-friendly options are expected to be introduced in the future as well.

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