This Tesla Owner Rented Out His Car On An App – And Discovered Someone Taking It Apart At A Warehouse

Through a video circulating on a social media platform Tiktok, Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturing company, has again made its way into the headlines. The news went viral due to its susceptible nature. The video demonstrates that a Tesla Model 3 car was being rented out to an anonymous person via the “Turo app,” a popular car rental app. As this car comes with highly sophisticated equipment, with seven cameras embedded on the exterior and one in the cabin, the owner of the Tesla Model 3 felt that something was wrong with the car due to the ongoing emergency alarms and notifications on his Turo app. He rushed to his car by navigating it through Tesla’s GPS and reached a body shop. There he found that the borrower was constantly removing and replacing some parts of his Tesla. This can be seen in the video below:

Investigations by the staff revealed that they were just testing the aftermarket stuff on Tesla 3. But when he saw the car, he found out that the original bumper had been replaced with an aftermarket uncolored bumper. However, this is ethically, morally, and legally wrong. The Tesla Model 3 owner said that he would call the cops. Someone at the body shop replied that “I am just testing some parts.” Even if he is testing the parts, it is still wrong as per the agreement policy of Turo and the Tesla Model 3 as well.

Turo gave their official statement on the subject matter. “Turo is aware of a video allegedly showing a host’s car being utilized incorrectly during a journey. Our staff has contacted the host and has taken steps to remove the visitor from Turo for breaking our rules of service, which expressly prohibit guests from making any unauthorized changes to any vehicle. Although these situations are unusual in our market, we do provide hosts with protection options that include varying amounts of coverage for car damage. We are still gathering information concerning the event and appreciate your patience as we seek to conclude this ongoing inquiry. “

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Furthermore, the owner of the Tesla Model 3 verified from this body shop’s website that they also have Tesla and exotic car parts websites. Apart from all this, Frank Valdez finally got his car back without any replacements, maybe just because he reached there on time and has valid proof in the form of a video which he can show to the cops in case of any missing part. But he got lucky and refrained himself from an irreplaceable loss.

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