This Tesla Owner Has A Contactless Chip Implanted In His Hand – And He Can Unlock His Car With It

Brandon Dalaly had a tiny contactless chip implanted under the skin of his right hand so that he can unlock his vehicle without being dependent on his smartphone!

He posted a video to Twitter showing himself getting a tiny VivoKey Apex chip implanted. The chip uses the same technology called near-field communication protocol. This makes Apple Pay and keyless entry at hotels ?work.

He underwent the procedure last week. It was done by a professional skin piercer who used a four-gauge needle and anesthetized the area with lidocaine.

The entire process, chip, and procedure led to a cost of $400.

‘For me, it comes in handy (no pun intended) because my phone’s Bluetooth power management is so aggressive that it doesn’t always unlock the car. So this helps in those instances.’

Dalaly is in a in a beta group of around 100 people testing the product which can be used to secure transactions and java card applets as well.

‘The company that put this together literally has its own app store where you can wirelessly install apps into your body with these chips,’ he explained.

‘And one of the apps just happened to be a Tesla key card. So that was the first app I installed on it because I have a Tesla and now I use that as my key when my Bluetooth key fails or I don’t have my key card. You just use your hand.’

This is the second chip that Dalaly has implanted.

The first is the key to his home and stores his contact card, medical information, and other such items.

‘The whole idea was that I would have my house key in my left hand and my car key in my right hand. And then what’s really cool is when it’s approved, they can wirelessly activate the new chip I just got to do credit card transactions,’ he explained to Teslarati.

‘I can link a credit card to it and I can use it anywhere where there are tap-to-pay terminals.’

‘It’s funny because these chips can’t track anything. You would need an external power supply to be tracked anywhere. And their phones are tracking them everywhere they go anyway. If you go to your Google location history, it shows you step-by-step where you’ve been,’ he said.

In addition, a 48-year-old patient in New York City who is unable to move and speak due to severe paralysis from ALS became the first to receive a permanent brain implant that could allow him to communicate telepathically.

Last year, a startup in Stockholm, Epicenter, revealed a new way of carrying around a COVID vaccine passport – in a microchip using NFC that’s implanted directly under your skin.

He had the xNT implant from Dangerous Things added as part of a trial with Scandinavian Airlines to innovate its customer experiences.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink aims to implant chips into humans with cognitive impairments or diseases such as Parkinson’s to allow them to better communicate.

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