This Terrifying New AI Beauty Mirror Can Predict When You’ll Die

Canadian tech brand NuraLogix introduced the Anura MagicMirror at CES 2024, showcasing an AI mirror capable of assessing health risks from a brief 30-second pose.

The Anura MagicMirror analyzes blood flow and extracts information from key facial regions. NuraLogix utilizes its patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TO) technology, a unique form of Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG), to automatically detect and analyze a person’s face. The gathered data is then transmitted to the cloud-based DeepAffex platform, employing advanced signal processing and machine learning AI algorithms to calculate over 100 health parameters.

Notably, the MagicMirror predicts disease risks, providing a percentage likelihood of heart disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes, and fatty liver disease. The mirror generates an overall wellness score of 100, with users receiving a colorful representation of their health parameters in red, yellow, and green. A healthy individual will see all results in the green region.

Despite its potential for personal health monitoring, the MagicMirror is not intended for home use. NuraLogix suggests it may find a place in kiosks, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, or health hubs. While consumer pricing information is not yet available, NuraLogix mentions the possibility of selling the software individually.

The Anura MagicMirror represents a significant advancement in AI technology for health assessment, offering a glimpse into the future of personalized health monitoring.

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