This Terrifying Calculator Tells You When Robots Will Potentially Take Over Your Job

calculator for job automation4

Workers have been getting axed from their jobs en masse since the dawn of the Industrial Age when machines took away most of their physical work. But, normal machines cannot replace the decision making and intelligent work of humans, and they are still being carried out by qualified professionals. But, with the development of intelligent robots and systems, even this edge of a human mind is now being taken away.
calculator for job automation

People need to know about the future of their jobs because they need to re-evaluate their professional careers. People don’t know when their job will be taken away from them so BBC has come up with this damning calculator that will let you find out when your role will be taken over by automated systems in all probability. It is based on a 2013 research of Oxford University. It is not based out of the blue but rather calculates how much time core competencies in each career choice will take to be automized in the future. They include unorthodox skills like originality, fine arts, social perceptiveness and other cognitive capacities. Many of these qualities haven’t even begun to be tested with robots so it will definitely take some time.

calculator for job automation4

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But, all things do come to an end. So, in order to find out when you are going jobless as calculated, just enter your professional and the system will calculate and tell you when it is expected.

It is not just a tool to create discomfort and insecurity among its practitioners. Instead, it is actually meant to be a tool that can help people realize when they won’t be needed and come up with workable solutions and creative ideas to survive on the job market. Top three professions that will most likely be replaced by Robots are secretarial duties, typists and paralegals. Good news for engineers is that the nature of our jobs means that creative and cognitive sides of our human mind are at work in these jobs, and it will take a long, long time to create such intelligent robots. Artists are another category that will benefit as art is nothing substantial in material but a lot in spirit.

Here is is the report for personal secretaries:

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In more disturbing news, more than 47% of all jobs will be automated in the next twenty years so we will have to come up with many new careers to help people adjust. Technology and automation mean that demand for new skills doesn’t end at all.
You can explore the calculator here

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