This Tech Millionaire Who Is Obsessed With Trying To Live Forever Doesn’t Drive Faster Than 16mph In LA

Bryan Johnson, a 46-year-old biotech entrepreneur, is a man on a mission to conquer mortality. However, in a somewhat ironic twist, he is also exceedingly cautious on the road. Despite his endeavors to potentially live forever through his ambitious Project Blueprint, he chooses not to exceed speeds of 16 miles per hour while driving in his electric Audi, fully aware of the potential irony if he were to meet an untimely end in a traffic accident.

In a recent profile by TIME, it was revealed that Johnson views driving as the most perilous activity in our lives. He embraces this perspective by repeating a mantra before setting out on the road. “What would be more beautiful irony than me getting hit by a bus and dying?” he pondered during the interview.

Johnson dedicates a significant portion of his resources to Project Blueprint, investing up to $2 million annually in the pursuit of slowing down his biological clock and ultimately achieving immortality. His regimen is intensive and experimental, involving an array of supplements, a strict dietary plan focusing on consuming vast quantities of vegetables, and peculiar practices like concluding his meals by 11 a.m.

The entrepreneur even delved into unconventional methods, like blood plasma transfusions from his teenage son, in a bid to maintain youthfulness. However, he discontinued this practice due to a lack of discernible benefits. While Johnson’s doctors suggest that his biological age is considerably younger than his chronological age, skepticism remains within the medical community regarding the efficacy and safety of his approach.

Leading genetics professor Jan Vijg has expressed doubts about the feasibility of drastically extending human life beyond the perceived maximum lifespan of around 115 years. Despite this skepticism, Johnson perseveres in his quest for eternal life, undeterred even by the impatient honks of fellow drivers as he carefully navigates the streets at a modest 16 miles per hour.

In the end, Bryan Johnson stands as a testament to the boundless ambition of the tech elite, striving to transcend the limitations of mortality, even as he cautiously maneuvers through the dangers of everyday life.

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