This Swiss Start-Up Says It Can Charge An Electric Car In Just 72 Seconds With Its Hybrid Ultracap Battery

Does it frequently take you too long to charge? Now there’s an intriguing Swiss device that could help with the agony of waiting.

Morand, a Swiss technology startup, has launched the Morand eTechnology, an all-new energy storage solution. This energy storage technology is a one-of-a-kind hybrid system that combines the features of an ultracapacitor and a chemical battery to generate a long-lasting and ultra-fast energy pack capable of fully charging a city car in 72 seconds.

As part of an exclusive collaboration, the eTechnology packs feature novel hybrid ultracapacitors (HUC) cells from Sech SA. These cells work in tandem with modern controls to reach eTechnology’s extraordinarily high-performance levels safely.

Morand eTechnology’s capability to recharge a 7.2kWh test unit in 120 seconds (98 percent charging) at up to 900A / 360 kW has been successfully demonstrated in independent testing by Geo Technology. It opens up new opportunities for a wide range of items, including city cars, drones, trains, and even defense applications. 

Morand is seeking further financing as part of its efforts to grow production. As part of this, the company is interested in working with collaborators who want to adapt its eTechnology to applications that would benefit from its energy storage potential.

“This is an incredible breakthrough in energy storage systems that has the potential to revolutionize multiple industries and greatly advance several mobility businesses. With much faster recharging, new possibilities are opened across the spectrum of transport, devices, and activities,” said Benoît Morand, Founder, and Managing Director.

“I believe that eTechnology will soon find extensive adoption as the go-to solution for certain applications. With extreme durability and astonishingly fast charge times, our patented eTechnology has a vast number of possible applications.”

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