This Swedish Firm Is Building The World’s Largest Single Offshore Wind Farm

Fasten your seatbelts, as the world’s largest single offshore wind farm is on its way! Yes, you heard it right. Recently, Stockholm-based wind farm and solar developer OX2 made a big move by applying for authorization access to start working on their joint project of building the world’s largest offshore wind farm. This incredible offshore wind farm would be able to produce about 5.5 GW of electricity in the Baltic Sea. It is important to note here that the total capacity of generating electricity of Ørsted’s Hornsea is about 7.5GW in the North Sea, but it integrates this energy into its four separate farms. While the Swedish-based windfarm will individually produce 5.5GW of electricity once it gets approved by the authorities.

“Aurora” will be the name given to the Swedish offshore wind farm and is anticipated to finally generate energy by 2030. However, Aurora will also overpower the Dogger Bank wind farm, which will be completed by 2026 and be able to produce 4.8 GW of energy. The soon-to-be-completed world’s largest offshore wind farm will commence manufacturing in its first phase in 2028, just two years before it starts producing energy in 2030.

The site chosen for the construction of this largest wind farm is located about 20 kilometers from the island of Gotland and about 30 kilometers from the island of Oland. However, no announcement has been made yet by the OX2 company about the type of wind turbines that it is going to use in the manufacturing of this plant. But the most gigantic wind turbines that are accessible currently comprise a height of 242 meters (794 feet), developed by “MingYang Smart Energy”.

Furthermore, it has been estimated that the annual production of electricity by Aurora would be about 24 terawatt-hours. With this huge amount of electricity, around 5 million households can easily get power. Also, it makes up about 17% of the “total electricity consumption in Sweden.” That’s a major breakthrough for the decade. Also, apart from other permits, the grant for “Natura 2000” has also been applied by OX2. It says, “Natura 2000 sites have been designated specifically to protect core areas for a subset of species or habitat types listed in the Habitats and Birds Directives.”

Last but not the least, the whole project of this single offshore wind farm has a worth of $18 billion, constituting up to 370 wind turbines. This is definitely going to be a huge thing!

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