This Suitcase-Sized Power Station Can Help You Get Through A Blackout


If you’re ever experiencing a blackout, fear not. The suitcase-sized power station is here to save the day!

When it comes to power banks, Zendure is a trusted and innovation-driven company that provides its customers with the most durable, compact and lightweight chargers. And now, it has launched its SuperBase Pro 2020, a small suitcase-sized power station that is equipped with a 2,096Wh battery. The mini suitcase can easily get you through a blackout or if you’re going on a camping trip but want to bring your electronics along, it works just as well for that too.

While the SuperBase Pro 2020 is not portable in the conventional sense, it still beats having a big generator around which requires additional effort to just turn it on and not to mention the noise it creates. The suitcase weighs only about 21.2kg or 46.5 pounds and can easily be rolled around with the built-in handle, just like using a rollable suitcase at the airport. What’s more impressive is the massive charger’s power capacity, which is measured in thousands of watt-hours instead of hundreds. And you can easily charge it in two hours, which is faster than some of the other power banks you might have laying around in your house.

According to Zendure, you can use the mini power station for running a “65W mini fridge for over 24 hours, recharge a Macbook 32 times or an iPhone 148 times.” And those are just a few examples of its vast utilization. There are also many different ways that you can charge the SuperBase Pro, which include plugging it in a standard AC outlet, using a portable generator, charging it using solar panels or even your car. Coming to the features, it includes 14 ports for drawing power which include six AC outlets and four USB C ports that can power different household items like kettles, toasters and hairdryers so you wont have to worry about spending a few hours without electricity.

Zendure has announced an early bird pricing of the SuperBase Pro at $1,299 while the regular price is $2,299. It also has a smaller 1,456 Wh battery version which is priced at $999 right now for the early bird discount. If you’re looking for a “portable” charger, now’s the best time to buy one.


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