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This Street Vendor In India Uses Solar Energy To Make Roasted Corn

Selvamma Uses Solar Power For Roasting Corn Now!

Selvamma is a 75-year-old woman that has been providing for her family as a street vendor. She has been selling roasted corn outside the Bengaluru Vidhana Soudha (State Legislative Assembly) for over 20 years now. She has become the sensation of the Internet after she got a new upgrade for her business. Selvamma is still selling the same roasted corn but is now making use of a solar-powered fan for roasting the corn.

The latest upgrade was provided to Selvamma by SELCO Solar Light Pvt Ltd. SELCO Solar Light Pvt Ltc is a foundation that ‘seeks to inspire and implement socially, financially and environmentally inclusive solutions by improving access to sustainable energy.’

Similar to many other roasted corn vendors in the country, Selvamma also made use of a manual cane fan and coal for roasting the corn and grilling it. However, things have changed now. Selvamma has said, ‘My hand hurts, that’s why they have given this.’ ‘They’ being the SELCO Solar Light Pvt Ltd. The fan relies on a lithium-ion battery for its operation.

You can check out the video below where Selvamma can be seen making use of the solar-powered contraption for roasting the corn. Such initiatives and their successful integration into our society are what has us hopeful for the future of mankind. We are slowly transitioning into an era of cleaner energy! And it’s not the big companies such as Tesla that are striving for a cleaner and greener future but also smaller companies and startups that are playing their part in transforming the dream of a world that relies on clean energy into reality.

Do you know of any such company or startup? Do share their story with us! Here’s to hoping for a sustainable future that is in harmony with Mother Nature!

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