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National Flag Of Armenia – A Symbol Of Courage And Hope

The national flag of Armenia, the Armenian Tricolour, includes three horizontally groups of equivalent size, red, blue, and orange. The Armenian Superior Communist approved the present flag on 24 Aug 1990. On 15 July 2006, the Law on the National Flag of Armenia, regulating its utilization, was approved by the National Assembly.

National flag of Armenia was approved on 24 Aug 1990. Colors presented on the flag of Armenia are the colors of the final period of the Rubenidov Empire (the kingdom of Cilicia). Rectangle-shaped flag includes three equivalent horizontally strips top strip is red, middle strip is blue and the bottom strip is orange.

Red, blue and yellow colors have major representational significance of all the structure. The definitions of the color have been considered by many different methods and one of them is: the red color symbolizes the blood shed by Armenians in the defense of their country, blue color is a symbol of the country’s characteristics, and orange one represents national bravery and industriousness. However, the formal representational meaning of Armenian flag mentioned in the structure is considered as follows: red symbolizes the Armenian highland, the Armenian individuals’ ongoing battle for success, servicing of the Religious trust, Armenia’s independence and liberty. Blue represents the will of the individuals of Armenia to stay below peaceful sky. Orange represents the innovative skills and hard-working characteristics of the individuals of Armenia.

Therefore, we can say that these three equivalent horizontally strips of red (top), blue in the middle, and orange in the bottom signify their life moto, courage and their historical background of fight for freedom. The definitions of the color are considered in many different methods. For example, red stands for the blood of the 1.5 million Armenians killed in the Armenian Genocide, blue is for the Armenian pure sky, and orange, symbolizes the country’s bravery.

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