This Stranded Oil Tanker Is In Danger Of Exploding – And It Could Cause A Disastrous Oil Spill

An abandoned oil tanker stranded off the coast of Yemen is in danger of exploding, causing huge environmental damage to Red Sea marine life, desalination plants, and international transportation routes.

Parts of the tanker are covered with rust, and the inert gas that keeps the tanks from accumulating flammable gases has poured out. According to experts, maintenance is no longer viable because the ship has sustained irreparable damage.

The United Nations has been attempting to send inspectors to the tanker known as the FSO Safer to assess the damage there and seek ways to secure the tanker by offloading the oil and pulling it to safety.

Furthermore, most foreign aid efforts to Yemen throughout its terrible civil war have adequately focused on reducing casualties. Still, a two-month cease-fire between parties to the conflict has offered the UN a limited window to address the FSO Safer.

Bloomberg reports that preventative measures are substantially less expensive. The UN estimates that restoring the Red Sea would cost about $20 billion. Up to $80 million could be spent on an urgent oil disposal effort.

However, at the moment, fundraising efforts fall roughly $20 million short, with the UN turning to crowdfund to make up the difference.

There is no escaping the fact that this appears to be a total worldwide financial and ecological disaster. The longer it takes to find a solution for the vessel, the more threats it poses.

Probably soon, concerning authorities will take action because neither human nor natural systems can withstand so much devastation at the moment.

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