This Stick-On Device Stops Noise From Entering A Building

sono sound canceller2

There doesn’t seem to be any peace in the world if you are living near a busy road or some really noisy neighbours. Sometimes you think of moving out of your current location just because of the noise factor. Since we can’t do that, we look for noise cancelling apparels like anti-irritant ear plugs and even covering our head with the most the plumpest cushion in the house. Thankfully, with this new concept gadget that can stick on your window, you can filter the noise, and it may become much easier for you!

sono sound canceller

The Austrian engineer behind this amazing engineering Rudolf Stefanich has stated that it is a concept device that may be able to cancel the noise passing from outside to the room itself. He has named it Sono to attribute its connection to sound. In addition to blocking sounds, it has an amazing additional feature too, it can allow the pleasant sounds like chirping of crickets, birds singing in the morning and your mom calling out for you to wake up at 3 p.m.!

sono sound canceller4 sono sound canceller5 sono sound canceller3

According to Mr Stefanich, peaceful lives have become complicated in recent times. Sono is one of the devices that helps you reclaim the peace you deserve in your life!


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    Would like to try out the prototype as I understand the product still hasn’t hit mainstream. Please contact me with details.

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