This Stealth Boat Can Sail Through Waves At Amazing Speeds

The Ghost has one of the most innovative and performance-effective designs in all the marine technology built to date. The submarine may be an exception that beats the ‘Ghost’ in waters. Hence calling it the second-best won’t be anything wrong. The unique design water cruiser uses SWATH and Super Cavitation to pave its way through the waves.

The Juliet Marine Systems, or commonly known as the Ghost, is a modern technology SWATH and could also be stealth enabled if equipped with the right armory. The Ghost vessel travels over the waters with the least friction possible and beats other vessels in this regard.

The two strut feature of the ‘Ghost’ enables outstanding maneuverability and unimaginable speeds over the water surface. Thanks to some advanced technologies incorporated and its shape, it doesn’t get caught in most radar systems.

As per its developers, it could be used for a range of missions, including special operations, force protection, and intelligence surveillance. Other than military uses, the Ghost can lay down its services as a high-speed maritime ferry, offshore oil rig supply, and even to give a pleasure cruise on the waters.

The idea to develop the Ghost came first after a need for protecting U.S Navy Warships was first felt following an attack on the U.S.S. Cole in 2000.

It wrecked the warship from one side with a missile attack while the ship was refueling at Yemen’s Aden harbor.

Coming back to its body dimensions, its hull is 62 feet in length and is of a faceted, angled design. The Ghost, when empty, weighs around 6.4 tonnes and can go for about 700 km at a single re-fuel.

It has a range of rare and amazing features; however, the most prominent one remains its dual-strut. These are also known as SWATH (small waterplane-area twin-hull). The system gains stabilization and control with the help of gyro-stabilization. It comes equipped with 20 underwater control surfaces to optimize Ghost’s agility.

The Ghost gets its optimized propulsion using a pair of 1,800 horsepower turbo-shaft engines that runs on gas. However, the engine might be replaced with a pair of General Electric T700 turbo-shaft engines as per its developers’ latest release.

Conventional high-speed vessels go through the problem of wave impact or wave hopping. However, that is where the Ghost takes its unique advantage. Its SWATH or strut design helps it to beat the waves with the least possible friction.

More interestingly, the Ghost is expected to take on deadly military duties when equipped with the right weapons. The future might see the boat capable of attack helicopters and incoming small attack vessels.

The Ghost, a motorboat that takes most of its advantage not with its motors but how it is designed in dimensions. Learn more about the ghost of waters in the video below.

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