This State-Sponsored Chinese AI Firm Is Launching A Bot Service To ‘Surpass’ ChatGPT

The Chinese company iFlytek has recently launched a new AI system called the “Spark Model,” which is designed to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The founder and president of iFlytek, Liu Qingfeng, described the system as the “dawn of general artificial intelligence” and announced that the company plans to surpass ChatGPT in Chinese language capabilities and match its English language capabilities by Oct. 10 of this year.

Currently, there is limited information about the underlying technology that powers the Spark Model. However, Qingfeng claimed that the AI’s capabilities are “far ahead of the existing system that can be measured in China.”

It is challenging to make direct comparisons between ChatGPT and similar models due to OpenAI’s proprietary information and the ban on ChatGPT in China. This restriction has potentially stifled the development of AI technologies in China.

In contrast, Hong Kong has become a popular destination for cryptocurrency users and companies interested in ChatGPT’s ability to generate code and develop advanced trading bots and portfolio analysis. The Spark Model’s proposed upgrades could represent a significant achievement for iFlytek, considering the short amount of time the company has been working on the system.

iFlytek’s research arm started developing the Spark Model just six months ago, while OpenAI began developing the precursor to its GPT products in 2015, and ChatGPT wasn’t launched until Nov. 30, 2022.

The development of the Spark Model marks an exciting time in the field of AI, with Chinese companies starting to compete with the likes of OpenAI. If iFlytek can deliver on its promises and surpass ChatGPT in Chinese language capabilities and match its English language capabilities, it could represent a turning point in the development of AI in China.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Spark Model can live up to its lofty promises and surpass the already impressive capabilities of ChatGPT.

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