This Startup Produces Blocks Out Of Difficult-To-Recycle Plastics

A great amount of effort has been put in by scientists and researchers towards one of the major concerns of the world. This concern is related to plastic pollution. A lot of plastic is being used by the public and almost each and every article around us is made up of plastic. But the single-use, non-recyclable plastic is now being seen as a major problem around us. It is causing real concern for societies impacted by this pollution. Many solutions have been proposed to resolve the issue including banning plastics altogether and engineering the plants that can recycle all kinds of plastics. But the problem is not being resolved fully.

Many industries and companies are utilizing their resources to reach the most suitable way of controlling this pollution. It is mentioned by the Fast Company that a startup called ByFusion has come up with an innovation that can shape every kind of plastic including non-recyclable ones into useable,super-efficient, and convenient building blocks named “ByBlocks“. These blocks are having built-in features that contribute towards their usage in construction purposes to build almost everything that engineers can think of.

As far as the production of these blocks is concerned, ByFusion uses some tools called Blockers. The process saves a lot of time and resources as the plastic does not need to be cleaned or refined before it is squeezed. As a result, the Company has produces 16-by-8-by-8-inch building blocks that have three distinct models. One of the models is flat while the second one is designed with pegs that can interlock and the third one is the combination of these two.

ByBlocks can be used in place of cement blocks but they are not resistant to sunlight. But it can be solved by covering the blocks with some clear paint or pairing them with a mighty weather-resistant material.

ByFusion is working now in Los Angeles with a full production unit that can tackle up to 450 tons of plastic per year. Moreover, this firm has recycled 103 tons of plastic to date according to an estimate. And it has ambitions to recycle 100 million tons by 2030. So for the achievement of this aim, 12 more Blockers are required and expected to be set up soon across the United States.

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