This Spray Makes Anything Indestructible

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LineX says its possible to make virtually anything invincible. Have you ever wondered how Superman is all strong and indestructible? Ah, no. That’s because he’s a Kryptonian and has nothing to do with LineX. But let us introduce you to Paxcon– LineX’s product that provides a protective coating to materials so they cannot be destroyed. The company has dealt in tough materials for the past 20 years and their new spray is a remarkable chemical concoction that can layer almost any material and make it stronger. The spray is marked safe for use around animals and for water containers and countless other applications.

Although the coating of this unique spray is incredibly thin, it has the capacity to act as an impeccable shield and causing almost anything to become seemingly indestructible! The thin coating allows some flexion of a wall but retains its strength.

The experiment below was made of 2 identical concrete structures built next to each other. One was unaltered and the other was sprayed with Paxcon. A 200lb of TNT was blasted and set off 30-feet away from the structures.

“The dummy in the PAXCON protected room was unscathed,” said EMRTC’s Research Engineer and Test Specialist- Alan Perryman. He says further, “a little dust kicked up, and the walls flexed and pounded like drums, but everything held up just fine.”

The wall remained intact and was able to avoid major damage from the blast. Although 27 elastomeric polymers products of different companies were tested by Air Force Laboratory Force Protection Branch, Paxcon was the first and only product to pass all bomb tests. The U.S. government has now started to work on introducing the technology to various military applications, from military vehicles to bomb-proof vests.

Strength and Future Applications:

According to LineX, the spray coating can withstand tensile strengths up to 6,600 PSI. It can also overcome the tear and strain of 780 lbs per inch. Paxcon can comfortably perform better than stainless steel and carbon fiber coats. It is resistant to water, fire, abrasion and impact. Well, this is some serious stuff!

Future applications of LineX:

  • Protect structures in case of natural disasters or bomb blasts.
  • It could provide an extra barrier of protection for planes and ships.
  • Its application on truck beds could protect it from scruffs for a lifetime.
  • If applied on farming equipment it could prevent the premature wear and tear.
  • Used in coating humvees and bullet-proof vests.

The applications are numerous and incredible. It could potentially save many lives and may even reach industry standard especially in the fields of construction and engineering.


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