This Spine-Like Wave Energy Generator Claims To Beat Fossil Fuels On Price

Sea Wave Energy Limited (SWEL), a Cyprus-based company, has been developing a unique Wave Energy Converter (WEC) called the ‘Waveline Magnet’ for over a decade. It has the appearance of a spine floating on water and generates electricity by harnessing the power of waves, offering a low-cost and ecologically sustainable alternative to current systems.

Following significant research and testing, SWEL unveiled a concept design that modeled the mechanics of its newest “Waveline Magnet” design this year. The company says that the Waveline Magnet can create significant power levels at a meager cost, competing even with non-renewable sources.

SWEL’s ‘Waveline Magnet’ consists of multiple floating platforms linked by a spine-like central power system, resulting in a flexible and modular device that seamlessly follows wave movement. Such a connection with water surfaces ‘allows SWEL to manage how much energy is collected from the wave in a regulated and non-disruptive manner,’ the company’s R&D team explains.

The low-mass WEC is a safe riding platform because, while only a few centimeters thick, it is pretty strong and can survive any water condition.

With its lightweight and simple design, the “Waveline Magnet” keeps costs down on manufacture and shipping. Furthermore, it can be made of recyclable materials such as reinforced plastics and is easy to maintain and repair.

SWEL believes that a single WEC can produce 100 MW under the right circumstances. In-field research also indicates that the greater the wave power, the more energy can be captured.

According to SWEL, a single ‘Waveline Magnet’ device scaled to suit the wave environment at EMEC would satisfy more than the hub’s current grid-connection capabilities.

SWEL’s next step is commercializing its technology and putting it into mass production. However, more trials on its pilot model are required to identify areas for development.

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