This South Korean Telco Giant Says It Has Its Own ‘Super App’ ChatGPT-Like AI Bot


South Korean mobile network provider SK Telecom is planning to launch its own chatbot called “A.” this year.

Unlike ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, A. will be integrated with various SK Telecom services to become a “super app” that provides everything the user needs within one app.

Eric Davis, the vice president of SK Telecom leading the project, explained that the chatbot aims to offer a personalized experience for users by connecting them with services that can help solve daily life issues.

Using large language models, A. is built in-house and based on generative AI technology, the same technology behind ChatGPT. Davis emphasized that ChatGPT only provides answers and summaries, while A. will offer personalization features and connect users with services. Currently, the chatbot is only available in Korean, but SK Telecom is exploring an international launch for the service.

SK Telecom’s chatbot is part of a trend known as “super apps,” a concept pioneered by Chinese tech giants like Tencent with its WeChat messaging service. Davis explained that SK Telecom plans to integrate more third-party services into the chatbot, creating an all-in-one platform for users to access various services.

“The super app is the end picture there. Download our app, and we’ll do everything you want us to do and more,” said Davis.

Super apps are popular in Asia, offering various services from booking holidays to making payments. However, they have not yet taken off in Europe and the United States. Davis said that SK Telecom is keen to change that by offering a chatbot that integrates various services and provides a more personalized experience for users.

SK Telecom’s A. chatbot will be a unique product that integrates various SK Telecom services to become a “super app” that provides personalized services to users. The company plans to launch the service fully in South Korea this year and explore an international launch for the service.


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