This Solar Gadget Can Purify 500 Gallons Of Water Per Day

Tekniv Nexus Clean Water (2)

Most of us are blessed with clean drinking water, but not everyone is that lucky. reports that one in every ten people does not have access to safe drinking water. A lot of organizations around the world have made it their mission to make clean drinking water accessible to everyone.

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Tenkiv is a startup that aims to transform millions of lives by solving the clean water crisis with their project Tenkiv Nexus which is an entirely modular renewable energy system. Unlike most other water purification systems, the Nexus is capable of handling much heavier workloads. Tenkiv claims that it can produce enough power to produce 500 gallons of clean water each day.

Nexus uses 1/13th of the cost of a traditional solar panel, and 1/5th of that of the current systems that use fossil fuel. Utilizing the world’s most abundant energy source, the Nexus can potentially accommodate for the lack of energy infrastructure that is required to fulfill the clean water needs of the world. The Nexus units contain a very few moving parts which will minimize the system maintenance costs significantly.

Just one panel of the system can produce nearly 2000 liters of clean water using no energy but the sunlight, the system does not even use any chemicals. The water is vaporized by heating at 100° C for a few minutes, and then the vapors are condensed. Even if the day is cloudy, the system is capable of producing 100 gallons of purified water.

The Kickstarter campaign for the project was successful in achieving its $50,000 goal within a month. The Nexus is expected to be delivered by July this year.

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The company has created another successful crowdfunded project named Tekdaqc which is a professional grade, affordable data acquisition, and control board. The Tekdaqc is now in use by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and NASA. 

Since Tekdaqc was a project delivered as promised; we can expect the same from Nexus. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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    It is the best solution for those who are in need. So a great thanks to those who created it. And also I hope they will reach those who are in need pure water.

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