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This Solar Powered Yacht Can Sail Forever

New Atlas tweeted the picture of the pioneering SolarImpact yacht yesterday. The 78-ft  electric Solar ocean-going yacht bears a huge solar array covering most of its upper surfaces which can generate up to 320 KWh of energy a day provided they’re getting the sun. The yacht can cruise for an inordinate amount of time only powered by Solar. However, to do so, it will have to keep to a slow 5 knots. At higher speeds, the battery will run down.


World’s first Ocean-going Solar Yacht
Source: New Atlas

This is a significantly eco-friendly yacht, especially for a large one. For the case when the sun does not shine, the yacht has a pair of there’s a pair of 65-kW (87-hp) range-extending diesel engines on board as a backup.

Moreover, the drive systems are automated, making it easy for one person to handle.

The yacht has 800 kWh of battery capacity on board, and 1,000 kilowatts of electric propulsion Source: SolarImpact

The yacht sports a stylish interior and luxurious accommodations for 10 guests and a crew of one.

Luxurious rooms aboard the SolarImpact yacht
source: Solar Impact

The yacht could have gone around the world in six months on Solar only if there weren’t all the land in the way. Seems like a great idea though!


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